McShore Wireless Mouse WM188
199.00 Bht.

Simple and handy, it improves your daily working efficiency and is suitable for either hand. The extra backward and forward function help to surf the internet world easier. It can recall your previous page and move up to next page without moving the mouse. It is just only one click to do the trick. Featuring a precision 1200 dpi optical engine, McShore WM212 provides great cursor movement control for browsing documents or Internet pages. The Nano receiver is mini size, so you can leave it your notebook when you’re moving around anywhere. To save on battery, McShore WM212 is designed with power on/off switch is added to extend the battery life. McShore WM212 also has sleeping mode to help you save the battery when you are not use. The surface is rubber paint so it soft and comfortable. McShore WM212 is available in three popular colors which are Trendy Black, Jazzy Grey and Cooly Silver

• Sensor : Blue LED
• Resolution : Adjustable from 1,000-1,200and 1,600dpi
• Interface :2.4 GHz  Nano USB
• System Requirements : Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Macintosh OSX-later

Warranty: 1 years warranty

Additional Information
If the above solutions do not resolve your problem, Please contact our MCC (McShore Contact Centre)
Tel. 029317222 from Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm.
  • How can I set up my WM188: It is as easy as turning on your computer and plugging in the Nano USB device. The mouse instantly sync to your computer for plug-and-play access via 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
  • My WM188 is not working: First, Plug your Nano receiver securely and directly into a USB port on your computer to see if you do not plug it properly. Second, try plugging your Nano receiver into a different USB port to see your port may be the cause. If you plug in the Nano receiver and the mouse is still not working, make sure that the on/off switch has activated.
  • Cursor does not follow WM188 mouse movements: First, Clean your WM188 mouse sensor with a soft cloth. Second, try using your mouse on a piece of clean white paper to see if the surface may be the cause. If the mouse works well on the paper, use a mouse pad. If still not work well, please adjust the adjustable button on top of the mouse. This should help you work easily and adjust until your satisfy.